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  Hi, I'm Victor I'm a geek in a sense and an artist. Most of my geekdom is based on low tec stuff; clockwork technology, and woodworking machines. OMG have I gotten myself into one this time. So this friend of mine wants 20 human heads mounted on top of a wall in a hallway with sensors that will track (watch) people walking down the hall. And talk to them with MP3 player tracks. 
  So I've built the heads in ceramic (life size), I've found a windshield wiper motor to drive them each, I've got the stuff to make pivots, shafts, and all the woodworking (framing). I have access to motor controllers that will match the motors, I have access to mp3 players, power supply's and speakers are easy  I've picked out a sensor array that I think will work Sharp GP2Y3A002K0F Multi-Beam Ranging Sensor , and I think I've found a microcontroller that should be reliable and smart enough to tell the motor controller what to do.
  If you have a microcontroller that you are more familiar with I'm certainly not married to the one I found. As far as wiring these things together or programming the chip to understanding the signal that the sensors tell it well I haven't got a clue and I need help. And (of course) my budget is tight. Oh I do have a friend that can put together a breadboard and actually physically wire the stuff together. It's knowledge that I'm missing and I might could use some help working out bugs. Pesky critters those!
  I might be able to afford some actual money in trade for some help with this or trade something. I do some really phenomenal woodworking design/build or I have a metal lathe and can build parts that you're having problems getting to. Anyone need any really strong wooden gears? I'm going to download a set of photographs of my automatons if anyone wants to see them look up the photo file "Victor Machines" at the Seattle robicitics yahoo group; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SeattleRobotics/?yguid=124556063
  Any input is greatly appriciated!  Victor

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