[dorkbotsea-blabber] June 6, year 6

Bill Beaty beaty at chem.washington.edu
Tue Jun 6 12:43:10 EDT 2006

Seattle Cacophany costume event:

>Details, details, details:
>Date:           6/6/6
>Start Time:     6:06 pm
>Location:       Volunteer Park, by the ampitheatre
>Yep, that's a Tuesday evening.  We'll start after work, and marry our Dark Lord by the Black Sun at sunset.  Sunset is at 8:10 that day,  so we won't accept "I don't have time to change after work" as an excuse!
>This is a potlucky kind of affair, so in addition to your glamorous 
>selves, bring a dish.  There are no grilling facilities at Volunteer Park, so extra points to ambitious hibachi bringers.
>Other things to bring: musicky making things.  Croquet and/or lawn golf 
>See you then, gals!
>  Demonic Bride Ivan

((((((((((((((((((((((( (  (    (o)    )  ) )))))))))))))))))))))))
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