[dorkbotsea-blabber] Science fair - earthquake - help

Paul Holman pablos at komposite.com
Sat Oct 7 15:51:53 EDT 2006

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 12:49 pm, Joe Benner wrote:
> Hi Toby,
> I have one of the galvanometers that showed up at weird science (and 
> also at
> House of Science) a couple years ago. I don't know if you've seen them. 
> It's
> a DC motor with a 3 inch needle that pivots on the motor's shaft. The 
> needle
> is for writing on thermal paper with. I just ran 5V through a 10K pot 
> to the
> motor. I turn the knob on the pot and the needle jumps proportionately.
> Basically the whole thing could be made to look (even act) like a
> seismograph pretty easily.
> You could probably tape a ball point/felt tip pen filler tube thingy to 
> the
> needle.
> I think you could probably run it right off an analog input (maybe with 
> a
> just transistor to amplify and/or some added resistance).
> The assembly also has a paper feed roller for a tape about 2 in. wide - 
> like
> a cash register tape.
> It's yours if you want it.
> I'm in Tacoma - there is a good chance someone in Seattle has one they 
> might
> be willing to pass on to you too.

Probably a lot of folks on this list that have those around.  I have two 
you can have that are alreadsy in Seattle (Quee Anne).


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