[dorkbotsea-blabber] PC screen capture utility?

Susan susanf at acm.org
Thu May 3 15:53:58 EDT 2007

You might want to talk to the fascinating folks at 
http://www.betalounge.com/  They were the kings of serial JPGing back 
in the day (1996). They made their own hardware and software to do it 
in order to multicast, and they sold it to likeminded individuals.

Alternatively, http://www.hyperionics.com/hsdx/   HyperSnap might be 
able to do it, but I'm not sure about the identical file names. 
Maybe a script could rename the output?

"Save (upload) to FTP server feature, working also with automatic 
timed saving" sounds kind of promising regarding automating the 

This also sounds like what webcams do, but again, I dunno about the 
file naming or image quality with those.


>Anyone know a simple/cheap way to...
>- capture the screen
>- save as a .jpg (overwrite the same file again and again)
>- wait like 30 seconds
>- do it again
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