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>From: Daniel Johnson <apr2007organicpartyorg>
>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 22:51:58 -0700
>Subject: [seattlecacophony] Finally! Complete Pumpkin Debauchery! Seattle's 2nd Annual Naked Pumpkin Run
>On a chilly, dark Halloween night in 2007, Seattle set a new record  
>for the largest inaugural Naked Pumpkin Run event with seven brave  
>Pumpkin Head runners plus a small entourage of friends!
>Yes my ghoulish comrads, the time of the year to don our favorite  
>orange squash fruit and run like Jack-o’-lantern-possessed freaks and  
>fools is nearly upon us!
>the 2nd Annual Seattle Naked Pumpkin Run (NPR)
>Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 Halloween - Meetup at 9:15 PM
>+ (NEW) Daylight Naked Pumpkin Run (Saturday, Nov 3, 2007) on a small  
>stretch of the Burke Gilman Trail (details revealed on Halloween night)
>The super shady meetup/start location for the Halloween Run will be at
>the Green Lake Park *East Beach* - same as last year
>meet at the lifeguard elevated chair, inside of the 2.8 mile inner  
>walk/bike trail, and adjacent to/just west of the Community Center/ 
>Evans Pool (7201 E. Green Lake Drive N). Similar to last year, we  
>will be jogging a short distance around the lake, around the streets  
>a bit, whatever else the group wants to do (the night will still be  
>Anybody up to offering to carpool to another location (I’ve got a few  
>additional ideas depending how brave everybody feels after the main  
>run) or providing a place for an afterparty? We are also looking for  
>a pumpkin carving pre-run party host and location.
>How long will the run be? We’ll discuss it before we run, but last  
>year we just winged it. We actually ran/jogged/stumbled a good  
>distance, 15-25 minutes or so, believe it or not, since the entire  
>Green Lake area seemed completely desolate. There is no planned route  
>­ the nature of the run will be at times random, confused, ridiculous  
>and often highly exuberant!
>Last year there were few people on the path, and surprisingly few out  
>driving on the streets. People were honking, pulling over and  
>screaming, giving us cheers, people in the Green Lake Community  
>Center were taking our picture with their mobile phone cameras as we  
>posed in front of the entrance, it was awesome! Yes, whatever fear  
>you have of the run will be quickly replaced by the enthusiasm of  
>complete strangers cheering you on!
>We have been asked by Vladamir Leber at Naked Pumpkin Run Central in  
>Boulder to try to find someone to videotape or photograph our Seattle  
>run so we can share pictures with the other cities and to help  
>promote the run in the future. Approved documentation people will be  
>asked to only shoot people with their pumpkins on, or if not, with  
>special permission. Perhaps we can produce our own underground art  
>film (see examples below). Contact me if you can help! Picture CD-Rs  
>are still available from last year’s run for last year’s participants  
>and their friends.
>What to bring:
>*A carved out pumpkin, large enough to fit over your head, with big
>openings that you can see out of while running/jogging a short  
>distance. Buy your pumpkins soon ­ the big ones may start disappearing!
>**For those wearing real pumpkins, Cleo recommends wearing shower  
>caps so your “hair doesn't get icky”.
>** Franz has made four papier-mâché pumpkin heads for $17-25 per  
>pumpkin (sliding scale). Rent one for the evening for $5 - cheap!  
>Please e-mail me ASAP if you are interested (aside from my own, there  
>are only three available). These are lightweight and reusable.
>*Shoes/socks you can jog in
>*Something to put your clothes in (unless you want to take a small  
>risk and leave your clothes where you took them off)
>**One popular idea is to use a trick or treat bag for your clothes to  
>run with.
>**accessories: glowsticks, el-wire-ware, et cetera. The area we will  
>be starting our run is _very dark_, you may want to bring a bright  
>flashlight to see your way. Of course you can just follow the aimless  
>ass of the clown in front of you.
>*Bring a towel if you are crazy enough to take this experience one  
>step further into the lake afterwards. So far, no one has been crazy  
>enough to do this.
>*Bring your friends! Maybe the one who isn’t quite convinced of the  
>merits of all of this malarkey can guard your clothes.
>WARNING: Run at your own risk! The area is dark, the air is cold,  
>surrounded by water and there are some trip hazards in the park  
>(which are even harder to see with a pumpkin over your head.
>Ideas and inspiration:
>http://nakedpumpkinrun.org - Official national site
>http://nakedpumpkinrun.org/npr6.mov - New video, very funny!
>http://www.mylittleportal.com/naked-pumpkin-run-2006 - 2006 video
>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nakedpumpkinrun/ - Official Yahoo! group
>Seattle’s NPR Wikia site (includes pictures from 2006):
>(will not include specific start location info)
>Let us know you are interested in getting involved with our Halloween  
>Shindig! Remember... Naked Pumpkin Run is a PARTICIPATORY event, NOT  
>a spectator sport, except, well... for when we are on the LOOSE IN  
>THE STREETS!... Muhahahahahaha!
>Join the announcement list:
>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NPR_Seattle/ - Seattle Yahoo! group
>Questions? Wanna join us? Of course you do! Contact us at
>369 - 2661 mobile phone (call anytime) or e-mail me
>Happy Halloween!
>Daniel Johnson


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