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Tuesday April 24th: Tacoma dorkbot #3 at Club SOTA

(see directions below)


LOCATION: 1117 Broadway, Tacoma (be sure to look for the door at this
address marked "Club SOTA")

TIME: 7:00 PM

DATE: Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

ADMISSION: Free and open to all



"people doing strange things with electricity"


The third Tacoma dorkbot meeting will be on Tuesday, April 24 at Tacoma
School of the Arts' club SOTA


The presenters for the evening are:


Ryan Weh and Brad Larsen: Radio-Controlled Blimp-Mounted Camera

Brad and Ryan have been interested in radio control flying toys for a very
long time. They'd always enjoyed the thought of getting aerial videos from a
radio control airplane, and only fairly recently come up with a working
setup that satisfies their basic objectives, even though they have been
slowly working on the problem of sending up a wireless camera from an
airship for some time. In fact, the camera part turned out to be easy and
relatively cheap, but the biggest holdup was in finding a way to view or
record the video from the ground (or both), on the field with minimal backup
power. At the meeting they'll talk about the issues that they came across
when trying the various camera systems, and how they converged onto the
solution that they are using now. They will also cover some other issues
with using the camera itself, such as some basic vibration damping advice.


Brad Larsen is an industrial designer and an inventor with his name on
various patents. He currently develops toy airplanes new pepper grinders and
other inventions.

Ryan Weh is a student in Physics at the UW. He has a personal website, and
hosts a forum for Bill Beaty's Amasci website. (...with links)


Doug Bell has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and works as a
software engineer. He is a member of the Seattle Robotics Society (
<http://www.seattlerobotics.org/> seattlerobotics.org), North Seattle
Robotics Group, SMART (Seattle Mindstorms And Robotic Techies) (
<http://www.lugnet.com/org/us/smart/> www.lugnet.com/org/us/smart/), Puget
Amateur Radio Society ( <http://www.qsl.net/k7par/> www.qsl.net/k7par/),
Weird Science Salon ( <http://amasci.com/wsci/> amasci.com/wsci/), dorkbot
Seattle ( <http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotsea> dorkbot.org/dorkbotsea), and is a
mentor for FIRST Team 488 XBOT ( <http://www.usfirst.org/> www.usfirst.org).

>From 1989 to 1991, Doug was a developer for Microsoft Excel 3, Microsoft's
spreadsheet program. He uses Excel as an engineering and art design and
simulation tool, and would like to show us a bit about how he does it, by
using the X/Y (Scatter) Chart mode for general purpose drawing, driven by


There will also be an open dork after the presentations where anyone can
take the floor for about 10 minutes to show us what you're working on, make
announcements, look for collaborators, etc. 

--- Special thanks to SOTA for making Club SOTA available to dorkbot ---


For more information please visit http://dorkbot.org and


We look forward to seeing you there!


***** Directions to Club SOTA: *****


>From I-5 take the I-705 N exit

On 705 follow the signs to City Center and then to A Street

The A Street exit dumps you right onto A Street.

Follow A Street for about 2 blocks then turn left onto 11th

Take 11th past Pacific and Commerce to Broadway

Turn left onto Broadway (you'll go around a little waterfall/fountain)

Club SOTA is on the left at 1117 Broadway

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