[dorkbottoronto-blabber] Apologies and proposals

Kristin Trethewey kristin.trethewey at gmail.com
Thu May 3 12:31:15 EDT 2007

Well, thanks for pooping on things again Mark. I am sure everyone has
enjoyed the peanut gallery comments you have added to this discussion.
I would like to address the message Dana wrote:
Dana, thank you for your apology, of course I will accept it. I am glad that
you were able to step back and see that what was started here could have
been handled much differently, and probably would have been less painful for
everyone involved.
I think Liav would be a very suitable stand in to help with Dorkbot. We have
been chatting about this privately, and I give him whatever blessing I can
I also would like to acknowledge that this is a small community and it has
saddened me to see how someone that has only worked positively towards that
has been ostricized(sp?). I think we all have much better things to do with
our time than to crap all over one another. If thats the case than we should
all pack up and go home.
Dana in regards to matters between us personally. I only asked for help from
my father because I was put in a very upsetting and difficult position by
InterAccess, which as you state is a major outlet for electronic artists, by
you who is the director of that organization and ultimately by the community
to which I belong to. I would like to mention that I never threatened you
with anything, we sent an email asking for some clarification as to why you
had taken such drastic measures against my involvement with Dorkbot. There
was not one mention of a lawsuit, however, Mark Schilling may have jumped
the gun in stating that. Your apology and acknowledgement of the situation
from my perspective is all I ever wanted. So thank you for that.

On 5/3/07, Mark Schilling <schilling at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> That of course should have read: with whom Dana wanted to meet.
> mark
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> >
> >I just wanted to add (and this was pretty amazing for Dana to write, by
> the
> >way), that Dana only went to the community with this on the advice of
> >Douglas because of an impasse she had reached with Kirsten, whom Dana
> >wanted to meet. (Is that a sentence?).
> >
> >I hope Kirsten will take this to heart and agree that a compromise is
> best,
> >that Dorkbot is more than one person. Liav is hoping to take an active
> >collaborator role in Dorkbot. I don't know Liav, but he seems sincere and
> >would probably add a lot to Dorkbot as a whole. Again, I'm hoping Kirsten
> >will share Dorkbot with others.
> >
> >Mark
> >
> >
> >>From: Dana Samuel <director at interaccess.org>
> >>Reply-To: A discussion list for dorkbot-toronto
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> >>Subject: [dorkbottoronto-blabber] Apologies and proposals
> >>Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 07:22:58 -0400
> >>
> >>Hello everyone,
> >>
> >>First, I¹d like to offer an apology to Kristin.
> >>
> >>Kristin, I did not mean to start what you've perceived as a ³witch hunt²
> >>or
> >>have people take sides. I was hoping to invite discussion on a community
> >>event which had not been very active. I never asked anyone to post nasty
> >>things about you; I was encouraging people who¹ve experienced ‹ and been
> >>missing ‹ Dorkbot to share their views. Heather has apologized for her
> >>comments; I am now apologizing for starting this discussion which has
> >>obviously been painful for you.
> >>
> >>I feel badly that Heather¹s comments hurt you; ultimately, though, I
> >>believe
> >>that people are responsible for their own actions, and I hope that you
> >>will
> >>see fit to call off any legal threats and actions against me and
> >>InterAccess.
> >>
> >>I also hope that you can accept the apologies offered to you from both
> >>myself and Heather. Escalating the situation to a legal battle doesn¹t
> >>serve
> >>the interests of the community at large; it would be uncool to pursue
> >>legal
> >>action against the only centre in town that can support this kind of
> art.
> >>As
> >>you know, just speaking with a lawyer for advice costs hundreds of
> >>dollars,
> >>money better spent on art. I hope this does not have to go any further.
> >>Please let me know what you decide in this regard.
> >>
> >>I have also spent some energy having Heather's post removed from any
> list
> >>subscription services, to avoid having the google-cache spread around.
> >>
> >>Sincerely, Kristin, I have always supported your art practice; I have
> >>offered you a reference and work contracts; I have supported your
> >>involvement at IA. I truly did not mean to hurt you. My sincerest,
> >>humblest
> >>apologies.
> >>
> >>***
> >>
> >>Second, Kristin and I have been corresponding with Douglas Repetto
> behind
> >>the scenes.
> >>
> >>I¹d like to offer an excerpt from one of his notes (hope you don¹t mind,
> >>Douglas). I¹ve quoted his message below, for those who are interested.
> In
> >>short, he acknowledges that we both have an important role to play, and
> >>suggests that in order to resolve things, that we share Dorkbot, and
> >>alternate organizing responsibilities between Kristin and IA.
> >>
> >>While I like this idea, I worry that it supports splitting the
> community.
> >>What I like about it is that it spreads the work around, making Dorkbot
> >>more
> >>likely to happen more often.
> >>
> >>Putting individual positions aside, I¹d like to focus on our shared
> >>interests: we each want acknowledgment from the other as to our roles;
> we
> >>each want DBT to happen and with minimal fuss; we each want to encourage
> >>dialogue in the dork-community.
> >>
> >>So, I have some possible proposals I¹d like to offer here.
> >>
> >>1) My first choice: If Kristin accepts my apology, I¹d like to propose
> >>that
> >>we start fresh, with both of us acknowledging the other¹s importance in
> >>making Dorkbot happen. We each share both web and list passwords with
> each
> >>other, and set some practical ground rules on paper, like how often DBT
> >>should happen, how far in advance we need to decide things so we can
> >>reserve
> >>the studio and equipment, etc, without conflicts. This doesn¹t mean that
> >>every Œbot has to happen at IA ‹ only that you acknowledge our role in
> >>Dorkbot as more than simply a venue. Of course you can and should travel
> >>Dorkbot around, if you find that to be an interesting idea. Spread the
> >>love.
> >>
> >>Kristin, you may continue to work with Jeremy Bailey, as that is his
> job,
> >>to
> >>coordinate such public events on behalf of IA, but you will still have
> to
> >>meet with me to clear the air, and I can¹t guarantee that you won¹t have
> >>to
> >>interact with other staff from time to time when Jeremy B is not in the
> >>office. I highly recommend finding a collaborator, like Liav Koren, who
> >>seems so enthusiastic. Dorkbot is about sharing, so why not invite
> someone
> >>else to help out ‹ just as you began collaborating with Jeremy
> Rotsztain.
> >>I've met Liav, and he seems like a sweet, smart person with a genuine
> >>curiosity about art and electronics.
> >>
> >>I¹d also like to offer you a studio membership in recognition of your
> >>dedication regarding Dorkbot. This will also allow you to continue to
> >>participate in other user groups that I know you are involved in and
> >>value.
> >>
> >>2) If Kristin accepts my apology, we can continue as Douglas suggests ‹
> >>with
> >>alternating responsibilities. We will still have to have clear
> >>communication
> >>though, to make sure we can promote all activities well.
> >>
> >>3) If Kristin does not accept my apology, IA will back out for the time
> >>being, with the understanding that Dorkbot and Kristin are welcome back
> >>any
> >>time, no questions asked.
> >>
> >>4) We have the community meeting as suggested, turning it into an
> >>opportunity to think about structure of such an open ended thing as
> >>dorkbot,
> >>and we have an ³open dork² event, where people can talk about a project
> >>for
> >>5 minutes each, and have a bit of a party.
> >>
> >>I hope we can resolve this amicably -- and come to an understanding that
> >>satisfies everyone's interests.
> >>
> >>Sincerely,
> >>Dana Samuel
> >>
> >>
> >>------ Forwarded Message
> >>From: douglas repetto <douglas at music.columbia.edu>
> >>Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 14:20:16 -0400
> >>To: Dana Samuel <director at interaccess.org>
> >>Cc: Kristin Trethewey <tretheke at hotmail.com>
> >>Subject: Re: dorkbot-toronto issues
> >>
> >>Dear Kristin and Dana,
> >>
> >>Sorry for the delay in responding, it's the end of the term here and
> >>I've got a lot going on (as I'm sure you both do as well). Some
> thoughts:
> >>
> >>* There is no "normal" way for a dorkbot to operate. We purposely have
> >>no rules, no guidelines, no policies. Each dorkbot makes these up for
> >>themselves. There's really nothing that holds the worldwide dorkbots
> >>together other than a general spirit of sharing our work with each
> >>other. So I can't really "make a ruling" about what you should do in
> >>Toronto. Kristin has asked a couple times what the standard dorkbot
> >>policy is, and the answer is that there isn't one. There are some
> >>dorkbots where one person does everything, others where it's a group or
> >>a committee or an institution. Each dorkbot is different.
> >>
> >>* Dana, it is clear to me that Jeremy handed over leadership of
> >>dorkbot-toronto to Kristin. He wrote me an email saying as much, telling
> >>me it would be in good hands, and asking for me to give her full access
> >>to the server and mailing lists, which I did. So it certainly makes
> >>sense for Kristin to feel like she's in a position to make decisions
> >>about dorkbot-toronto.
> >>
> >>* Kristin, it is also clear that Interaccess, as an institution, started
> >>dorkbot-toronto. I just re-read Jessica Fung's original email to me, and
> >>she clearly said that Interaccess, as an arts group, wanted to start a
> >>dorkbot. So it makes sense that Interaccess feels like they should also
> >>have a say in the direction that dorkbot-toronto takes.
> >>
> >>* It's clear from reading the blabber list that 1) people don't
> >>particularly care to know about the behind the scenes details and 2)
> >>people want _more_ dorkbot in Toronto, not less.
> >>
> >>Some suggestions:
> >>
> >>Share the workload. Get together and make a dorkbot calendar for the
> >>coming season. Decide who is responsible for producing which meetings
> >>(maybe you can alternate months?) Let people know there will be a
> >>dorkbot on dates x, y, and z. People want these meetings to happen, and
> >>they want to know when they will be.
> >>
> >>Kristin, if the house-party dorkbot works out on May 4th, maybe you can
> >>continue to do that every other month or something. Dana, maybe Jeremy
> >>can produce the Interaccess dorkbot meetings if Kristin feels
> >>uncomfortable continuing to work with Interaccess.
> >>
> >>I don't think that this needs to be a fight to the death over control of
> >>dorkbot-toronto. First of all, it's not worth it -- it's just a simple
> >>meeting to share work with one another. It's meant to be a friendly,
> >>informal, DIY affair, not a big, high pressure production.
> >>
> >>Unfortunately things did get personal and rather nasty yesterday, and I
> >>really don't know what to do or say about that. Feelings were hurt, bad
> >>decisions were made. I believe that apologies have also been made.
> >>Kristin, if I were you I would accept the apologies and move on. Surely
> >>you have important, creative things to spend your energy on.
> >>
> >>I hope this is somewhat helpful. Again, I can only try to give you a
> >>balanced perspective. I don't know either of you personally, although I
> >>can only assume that you're both nice, well-meaning people who are
> >>caught up in a complex situation.
> >>
> >>
> >>best,
> >>douglas
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
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