[jmsl] Audiosample playback & Synchronization

jmsl at music.columbia.edu jmsl at music.columbia.edu
Sat Jul 10 12:36:14 EDT 2004

Thanks Nick!!!

On adding the setAdvance, I noticed less GUI interference as per the test I 
mentioned. There was a marked improvement in the output with 
ParallelCollections but only for usages of less than 4%.

The reason I was re-launching each repeat was that I wanted the display to 
hold a flash color for some time, while the sample is being played. I have 
changed it to recreate a FlashJob each repeat but I will have to change 
that to reduce overhead in the full application.

Usage shows about 12%. We can consider that an average. My application 
needs to be scalable up to around 40% usage, if possible. Thanks again.

- Bosun

Nick wrote:
>Hello Bosun
>Three thoughts
>1. JMSL.clock.setAdvance(0.2) in main()
>2. don't relaunch the same flasher every repeat(). Does it just flash 
>once? Either launch() a flasher in parallel with your music job, or simply 
>call flasher.flash() , or call new flasher.launch()
>3. what does usage show?
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>Hi Nick,
>I got the simple one player code working. Some rudimentary testing shows
>the same problem with the GUI/Synth. If you leave the window alone, the
>output is regularly periodic. Move the window around, and you start getting
>lapses. I found the best demo of this effect is to run 3 of the
>AudioSamplers (see below), listen for the rhythm and then move the windows


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