RE/[jmsl] DimensionNameSpace and JMSL 103

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Thu Jul 15 07:37:06 EDT 2004

Thanks for the replies on my Q's (Nick in both cases- good work fella).

The procedure you outlined for extracting the jar (in thread JMSL103) worked 
perfectly, thanks.

I have had less success with the Instrument.update() part, I think that I am 
failing to get the right pitch, hold, amp.. data into the first four fields 
of the double[] so it is not updating right (is this done in any of the files- I would love to see how it is done right). However I 
have found a workaround which, though a bit dirty, seems to be working a 
treat. Subject to the approval of more experienced users, I would recommend 
it to others.

I have made JSynMIDIPlayer.handleControlChange(.....) method public so that 
it can be called by my external class. Now, any changes that are sent to the 
player via this method are reflected in the readout on the GUI. This makes 
the system feel much more integrated.

I know that making private classes public is a dishonourable business, is 
what I'm doing here wrong? It seems to be working really well but I can see 
that it might be running against the grain of the system- it seems like a 
bit of a hack. Should I persist in trying to get .update() to work or is 
this an acceptable way of doing things?



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