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Sure, you can do this in Eclipse.
Project - Properties - Java Build Path - Add Class Folder (browse to 
Then if you run com.softsynth.jmsl.score.ScoreFrame, the SynthNote will 
show up in a menu
Are you creating a New Orchestra first from the Orchestra menu?
If so, then look for your synthnote under menu: Orchestra - JSyn - 
Import JSyn SynthNote (plugins)

Note that if your SynthNote is in a package called xyz , then you must 
place the SynthNote's .class file in a directory called xyz, which is a 
subdirectory of jmsl_plugins

Nick Didkovsky

jmsl at music.columbia.edu wrote:

> Hi,
> Any tips on how to get the plugins directory working within eclipse?
> I've tried a few locations but the score menu does not list the 
> SineSynthNote I've placed in it.
> thanks,
> pc
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