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quick followup...
QUOTE from http://rentzsch.com/unix/locationAwareCommandFiles
.... a fatal error in the |dirname $0| technique above. It breaks if you 
have a space in the path!

Is there a space in your folder name?  I reproduced your error exactly 
after I put a space in any folder containing JMSL_v103

I changed the first line to ...
|cd "`dirname \"$0\"`"
|||...which quotes the spaces, and the run_jmsl_score.command script ran 
ok even with spaces in my path.
I sent you a modified script offlist.


jmsl at music.columbia.edu wrote:

> Hope all these errors aren't getting tedious. Last thing:  The  
> run_jmsl_score.command.gz that you sent ended up with the following  
> Terminal message:
> usage: dirname path
> KLASSPATH is ./classes/jmsl.jar:./classes/jscore.jar:./jmsl_plugins
> ./jmsl_plugins does not exist
> ./lib does not exist
> KLASSPATH is ./classes/jmsl.jar:./classes/jscore.jar:./jmsl_plugins
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:  
> com/softsynth/jmsl/score/ScoreFrame
> At this point, run_jmsl_score.command seems unnecessary to me, as I 
> am  programming more with JMSL, but I thought I would let you know.
>     Thanks so much for your help.
> -J
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