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Mon Feb 5 12:59:56 EST 2007

Hello JMSL Users

It has come to my attention that a couple of folders of instructive JMSL 
examples are easily overlooked in the JMSL distribution.  Some of these 
are very simple examples and provide the programmer with a quick start, 
and can help tame the learning curve.
But if you don't know they're there, it's not too helpful!

They are online right now.  If you go to http://www.algomusic.com/jmsl/ 
and see the section entitled "SOURCE CODE EXAMPLES" you will see links to:
1) Simple examples (VERY useful!!!)
2) Examples that use JMSL + JSyn
3) Other examples
4) Various tests used in development

Many of these have self-explanatory class names like 
TenRandomMidiNotes.java and JSynQuartet.java 
Others are a little more obscure like FMNoodler.java and FMPairBlaster.java
All are worth a look. Beginners can get a jump start, and 
intemediate/advanced JMSL users may see design styles or features you 
didn't know were there

I have moved these files in the JMSL release structure, to a place where 
they are linked to directly from jmslhome.html (the change will be 
effective next release).

Nick Didkovsky

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