[jmsl] score layout questions: accidentals and staff numbers

jmsl at music.columbia.edu jmsl at music.columbia.edu
Tue Jun 5 16:19:34 EDT 2007

Hi all--

Two (hopefully) quick questions re score layout in JMSL:


I'd like to get rid of the staff numbers that appear to the left of  
each staff when rendered, but I can't find any way to disable these  
in the API or in JScore. Any ideas of how I might hide them?


I'm having some problems with accidentals getting drawn in weird  
places. For instance, if I create a note cluster of F#, G#, and A# in  
JScore, the # for the G gets drawn on top of the F and A noteheads.  
 From what I can tell, accidentals always seem to be drawn a fixed  
horizontal offset before a notehead, regardless of what other notes  
or accidentals may be in the way.

I'd be happy to programmatically override this behavior and manually  
place the accidentals, but I can't figure out how to get a hold of  
the accidentals; their layout seems to be handled within Note, and I  
don't see separate drawing anchors for them which I can manipulate,  
or any other accidental layout functionality in the API. I'd  
appreciate any suggestions about how to hack through this ;) The next  
step is to just use the Graphics2D API and manually draw my  
accidentals, which is definitely doable but a bit of a pain.


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