[jmsl] New JMSL release v1.038

jmsl at music.columbia.edu jmsl at music.columbia.edu
Tue Jun 5 22:36:36 EDT 2007

Hello all JMSL users,

I have posted a new build of JMSL, dated 20070605, at 

What follows is a summary of changes since last release:

03/06/07    Fix: SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument's constructor now set 
DimensionNameSpace to defaultDimensionNameSpace, so all sample playing 
subclasses will have this too.
03/12/07    Feature: Note has private Vector of Beans. So you can 
addUserBean() and getUserBeans(). For Peter McCullough who wanted to 
attach a unique sql primary key to each note created.
03/12/07    Feature: EditManagerListener can be notified when notes are 
added into a score by hand,  pasted, or when ScoreCommand is executed. 
For Peter McCullough
04/28/07    Bug fix: accidental placement before notes in chords much 
improved. Various exceptions handled. Thanks James Ray
04/28/07    Bug fix: If two notes in same chord have same level, acc of 
both shown now, & forces acc to be shown for next note in same measure. 
Thanks James Ray
05/08/07    Feature: setNoteheadColor() allows user to use API to change 
note rendering color.
05/15/07    Feature: ScoreFrame tempo and timesig changes now use 
ScoreCommands and so, are undoable and listenable through EditManager
05/27/07    Feature: Note visibility can be turned on / off. 
NoteVisibleTransform toggles. Most people will probably use this for 
invisible rests. Thanks Georg Hajdu
05/27/07    Feature: measure.setPeriodDoubleBar() (one thick one thin 
line) Thanks Georg Hajdu
06/05/07    Feature: Score.setStaffNumbersVisible(),  
Score.setMeasureNumbersVisible(), Score.setTempoVisible(), 
Score.setSectionBracketsVisible(). Thanks Jason Freeman.
SHIPPED AS v1.038 on 20070605

Please post oddities and bug reports ASAP so I can fix.

Everyone's license file is still valid for this release.

Nick Didkovsky

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