[jmsl] MIDI File Transcriber Crashes

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Thu Dec 18 15:52:23 EST 2008

Really glad to hear it Greg. Thanks for testing and for getting back to 
me with your results.

Finale did not exactly crash for me; but clearly it was confused!


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>Date: 18-dec-2008 15:24:43 -0500
>From: "Greg Wilder" <gregwilder at orpheusmediaresearch.com>
>To: "Nick Didkovsky" <didkovn at mail.rockefeller.edu>
>Cc: <jmsl at music.columbia.edu>
>Subject: Re: [jmsl] MIDI File Transcriber Crashes
>It appears that the pre-release update has indeed solved the problem.
>Once again, thanks for your help!
>BTW, it seems odd that Finale crashed when attempting to import the 
>files as Sibelius 5 had no trouble with them.  This is, in part, why we
>weren't able to detect the source of the problem in the first place.
>Nick Didkovsky wrote:
>> Great Greg, looking forward to your results.
>> I meant that most playback software would not be affected (as 
opposed to
>> transcribing software) since playback typically would not need to 
>> time signatures.
>> But I just tried importing your Handel MIDI file into Finale 2004a 
>> it stopped after measure 8 which showed a time signature of 248/4 
>> Similarly, Finale showed a few bars of 250/4 after importing the 
>> example (but did not terminate on these bars)
>> So Finale is not taking the absolute value, it is confusing the 
>> bits and producing big 8 bit numbers.
>> Thanks
>> Nick
>> Greg Wilder wrote:
>>> Nick,
>>> Thank you so much for taking the time necessary to dig into this.
>>> I was aware the MIDI files in question contained unusual elements, 
but I
>>> didn't realize they had measures with a negative numerator in the 
>>> signature!  As you suggest, most other transcription software is not
>>> bothered by this and simply displays the absolute value.
>>> I will grab the updated pre-release and give it a whirl first thing
>>> tomorrow morning.
>>> Best,
>>> Greg
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