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Tue Feb 22 13:19:32 EST 2011

Hi Tom

Would be nice to have all MidiShare questions answered before going to 
Max. But using Max would be very straightforward.

Check out the class called com.softsynth.jmsl.max.JMSLInstrumentToMax
It is an mxj object which you can drop into your Max environment. It 
will listen to the output of every com.softsynth.jmsl.max.MaxInstrument 
that play()'s
So you can do all your composition and structuring in Java/JMSL and just 
use Max as an output device.
But personally I'd rather see you use Max if you get real Max 
functionality out of it, rather than using it as a workaround. But on 
the other hand, whatever works, works! Your piece, your call obviously!
Please see Examples #1 and #3 at  


On 2/22/11 12:55 PM, Java Music Specification Language wrote:
> Hi Nick,  Thanks for the reply and information.  I definitely need to be
> able to send MIDI over the OS X IAC bus to softsynths as well, but I also
> want to try working with JSyn, athough not exclusively.
> I also own Max, Max-for-Live, and Ableton Live, and saw your article on
> using JMSL with Max..
> Could it work by sending non-MIDI musical information to Max from JMSL,
> which could then be processed into midifiles using either already-available
> Max objects, or by building a new external?
> On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Java Music Specification Language<
> jmsl at music.columbia.edu>  wrote:
>> Hi Tom
>> It's been a long time since I've used MidiShare with JMSL and I am sorry I
>> do not own a 10.6 machine to test this on. I hope Stefane Letz is still on
>> this list and can chime in.
>> Did you read over my installation journal at
>> http://www.algomusic.com/jmsl/MidiShare_OSX_Panther_InstallationLog.txt ?
>> It is old but there are some key ideas there
>> For example, did you run msDrivers and map your MidiShare ports?
>> Did you use the standalone ms apps and successfully send and receive MIDI
>> to/from external devices?
>> And now backing up to your question about alternatives, is it a hard
>> requirement that you drive external Midi devices from JMSL for your
>> Evolutionary Music project? Or do you just need to make sound? If you just
>> want to make music made of Midi notes you can use JavaSound MIDI and a
>> SoundBank. The sound will run on your machine's sound card. (see
>> http://www.algomusic.com/jmsl/examples/JavaSoundMidiAppletExample.html and
>> you can check the src folder for jmslexamples.simple.MIDISong)  Or if you do
>> not really need MIDI at all and just need to make sounds, can use JSyn as
>> JMSL's sound engine. You'll get a lot of control over sound if you use JSyn:
>> you can design your own synth patches and drive them either simple and
>> MIDI-like by sending them pitch and amplitude info, or you can go deeper and
>> drive timbral input ports from JMSL.  See
>> http://www.algomusic.com/jmsl/tutorial/instoot07EZb.html
>> Let me know how things develop and please stay in touch. I am happy to send
>> you an extended demo license to get this ironed out. Lemme know.
>> Thank-you,
>> Nick Didkovsky
>> On 2/22/11 12:06 PM, Java Music Specification Language wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>>      I'm new to the list and just downloaded JMSL and the 30-day DEMO
>>> license
>>> a few days ago.  I'm on a MacPro, OSX 10.6.
>>> I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get MidiShare to work, and I'm
>>> wondering if any of these problems sound familiar:
>>> I set up Eclipse according to the instructions on the JMSL site.., and
>>> added
>>> both .jar's (jmsl and jscore) to a new project.
>>> I then ran the "HelloJMSL.java" file, and the musicShape window came up,
>>> with values being printed on the console, etc..  that's looking good.
>>> Next, I installed MidiShare 1.93 from their installer.  I checked, and the
>>> "grame.jar" file is in Library/Java/Extensions,
>>> and "libJMidi.1.1.3.jnilib" and "libJPlayer.1.1.2.jnilib" are in the
>>> /usr/lib/java directory, as well as a few other similarly-named files.
>>> Next, I went to try the "MidiShareIOTest.java" file.
>>> I loaded that up in Eclipse, and added the "grame.jar" file as an external
>>> library..
>>> but it won't let me compile it, since there are a bunch of red errors..
>>> the first red-error says this when you mouse over it:
>>> "Access Restriction: The type MidiAppl is not accessible due to a
>>> restriction on required library /Library/Java/Extensions/grame.jar"
>>> I even tried copying "grame.jar" to
>>>   "/Users/tjordan/Library/Java/Extensions/grame.jar" and reloading the
>>> external "grame.jar" from this new location, and the error still persists
>>> (although now it says the new location).
>>> Next, I tried to run MidiShare from the command-line.
>>> I compiled and ran their "TutorialPart1.java" file.. The window came up,
>>> but
>>> it said this:
>>> <TEST 1>   : Check if MidiShare is installed : calling the Midi.Share()
>>> function is REQUIRED to properly load the JMidi native library
>>> MidiShare installed : 0
>>> 1 means that MidiShare is installed
>>> 0 means that MidiShare is not installed
>>> So, I guess the "0" means that MidiShare is not installed.  I don't know
>>> what this means, since I've reinstalled it a few times, and i keep getting
>>> this response.
>>> Is MidiShare crucial for JMSL, or is there a different MIDI system that
>>> can
>>> be used?  Right now i'm looking at other options for MIDI, just so I can
>>> get
>>> something going (it's for an academic project in Evolutionary Music),
>>> but I would love to to use JMSL, since it seems to have a lot of the
>>> functionality I'm looking for already implemented..
>>> Any assistance will be greatly appreciated..
>>> Thanks !
>>> Regards,
>>> Tom Jordan
>>> State University of New York at Albany
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