JMSL/JSyn Score Demo

Phil Burk philburk at s...
Mon Jul 24 16:08:37 EDT 2000


Nick Didkovsky wrote:
> There is a new demo of the JMSL Score package online at

This is incredible! I love it. There are lots of nice touches in the
editor. I like how the last note enterred is highlighted so I can just
delete it easily. This is going to be a great tool!

It will be really fun to add custom transformations to the editor from
Java, select a range of notes and "schlumpify" them. What would the API
look like for getting the selected notes and tweaking them?

Some ideas:

- <SPACE> to start and stop play.
- Number keys for durations. duration = 1/(2**N) OR {1=>1/1, 2=1/2,
4=1/4, 8=1/8, 6=1/16, 3=1/32)
- Hit "." to toggle dotted.

- Display only class for just displaying a score, maybe with cursor for
follow along.
- Display+Edit class for editing. Maybe uses a composite object with GUI
object plus a mouse sensitive subclass of the ScoreDisplay class.

I notice that if I add 7 septuplets with duration set to 16th, then the
total duration is a quarter note. What's the easiest way to think about

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