[jsyn] projects?

Nico Wald nicowald at y...
Fri Sep 1 07:07:37 EDT 2000

Hello Phil,

I´m still working on the "Virtual Cembalo" which uses JSyn to play samples
of a real cembalo (each key has it´s own sample). Also it is possible to use
different temperaments like: werckmeister III, pure major, mean tone,
pythagorean, silbermann ... .
"Virtual Cembalo" is part of the project "Wunder mit Tönen" which is about
J. S. Bach´s "Well Tempered Clavier" (which Bach finished 1722 in Koethen).
There will be a permanent museum installation beginning October 14, 2000 at:
Bachgedenkstaette Schloss Koethen
06366 Koethen/Sachsen-Anhalt

Greetings, Nico

PS: To see how it works you can try this internet-version (uses a sawtooth

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