[jsyn] Scratch

roelft postbus at b...
Fri Sep 8 03:10:20 EDT 2000

I don't want to be cheeky and no offense, please!
But what is so interesting about this?
The piece 'written' in Java, using jSyn?
Does this impliy that it would be less interesting
if it was written in Forth or Lisp (I 'm quiet certain
similar pieces were, ages ago).
Or the piece in it self, regardless how it was
conceived, whatever computer language being used,
if a computer was used at all.
In which case this list is also used as a bulletinboard
for gig announcements, which is ok by me.

Roelf (from B M B con. )

Nick Didkovsky wrote:

> Dear JMSL/JSyn lists,
> I just posted more information about "Scratch" at
> http://www.ingress.com/~drnerve/punos/scratch/index.html
> This page includes short mp3 excerpts.
> Also includes info about upcoming performances of this piece by Anne La
> Berge.
> Best,
> Nick
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