alan fabian alan.fabian at g...
Fri Sep 15 08:35:37 EDT 2000

hello phil,

thank's for the helpful example-link for a delayline.
i changed in the example TJ_Delay1 the input to my sound-sample and 
it is fun.

i will also try out the InterpolatingDelayUnit.
i have no idea yet how to change the code for that,
but i will figure that out.

the next thing i need is a granular-synthesis-unit for sound-samples.
i thougt about reading the soundsample from a table and 
giving each read out grain an envelope.
you are describing how to fill such a table with a soundsample in
documentation,but not how to read the sample-data.
do you have an example for that? 

i checked in the jmsl-examples the midi-stuff out.
how to access the jmsl-classes with jsyn?
would be nice to check out sending midi-controler-data to the faders 
in jsyn.


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