JSyn/JMSL talks in NY

Phil Burk philburk at s...
Tue Mar 13 19:38:38 EST 2001


Nick Didkovsky and I will be giving a couple talks in NY on JSyn and
JMSL in the near future. We will give an overview of JSyn and JMSL,
demonstrate some new features of Wire and JScore, and play a little
music. If you are in the Manhattan area then you might wish to attend.
Both talks are free.

JSyn is a Java API for real-time audio synthesis.
JMSL is a Java API for experimental composition and performance.
Wire is a graphical patch editor for JSyn.
JScore is a user extensible staff notation editor built on top of JMSL
and JSyn.

Both talks are almost full so please contact the named person ASAP to
see if there is room before showing up.

3/15 Thursday - meeting 6-8PM, NYJavaSig, Sun Computers
2 World Trade Center (that's the tower facing Liberty Street)
25th Floor
Contact: Sharon Yee <syee at c...>
For more details see: http://www.javasig.com/

3/20 Tuesday - meeting at 8PM 
Room 324, 3rd floor of Prentis Hall
632 W.125th St., Columbia University
Note: grad students have priority for the pizza and beer.
Contact: Douglas Repetto <douglas at r...>

Phil Burk

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