[jsyn] new JSynV14.2d

Phil Burk philburk at s...
Tue Mar 27 12:48:14 EST 2001

Hello Roelf,

roelf wrote:
> > testing on other machines. If you try the Mac version, please let me
> > know ASAP whether it works or not for your machine.

> Hallo Phil, everything seems/hears to be working on MacOS 9.1 MRJ 2.2.4,

Thank you so much for the report. That's extremely helpful to know.

> sofar nothing broken, but had a very fast and short testing of your
> examples and my stuff. Is the example.jar file expanded in classes?

Yes. I have also added a package "com.softsynth.tools.view" which
contains the RotaryKnob classes. It should be placed on one's website if
you use the RotaryKnobs in an Applet. This is a bit of a pain, but we
are trying to minimize the amount of code that goes into the JSyn
plugin. Also, this allows us to update the RotaryKnob code without
having to release a new plugin. So we will be expanding the
"com.softsynth.tools" package with various new features.

> Previous version also worked in 'classic' under OSX, but this isn't
> my preferable environment.

Thank you for trying that. What do you have to do to run a program in
"classic" mode?

> Am looking where the classpath is in X
> (actually where everything is, its all hidden!).
> Wonder how it runs under Java 2 on the Mac.
> keep you posted.

I'm very curious about the OS X behavior. I hope to get an OS X capable
Mac soon but currently don't have access to one. I am also talking with
an Apple person about running JSyn with the native Mac OS X audio
drivers. That could give us very low latency.

Phil Burk

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