[jsyn] So what's the best case latency

Phil Burk philburk at s...
Thu Jan 31 11:49:43 EST 2002

> So all this talk about Latency recently brings up the question of what
> people seen for latency out there?

Values are approximate based on my recollections....

On a 900 MHz Athlon running Win98
EWS88MT through WMME - 40 msec
EWS88MT through DirectSound- 408 msec (emulated driver so very bad)
SBLive through DirectSound - 100 msec

350 MHz Celeron running Linux RedHat 7.2
OSS at user level - 40 msec
with unreleased root priority hack - 8 msec

I will be releasing the root priority hack in the next version.

Phil Burk

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