[jsyn] read markers info from sample files?

jsyn at music.columbia.edu jsyn at music.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 2 11:24:09 EST 2004

> Is it somehow possible to read marker information
> using SampleReader?

SampleReader_* are unit generators for playing sample audio data in memory.
They don't read from disk.

The SynthSampleWAV and SynthSampleAIFF classes read sample files from disk.

When a WAV or AIFF sample is read, the markers are read and stored in a
Vector called cuePoints. You can find a specific marker using

    id = 1;
    int pos = synthSample.findCuePosition( id );

I also neglected to hide the cuePoints Vector so you can:

     int numMarkers = synthSample.cuePoints.size();

The Vector contains CuePoint objects.


Phil Burk

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