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Hi Phil,

Using the clear method before queueOn definitely clears things up!

Many thanks for your help.



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Hello Ed,

> samples are somewhat longer. I thought that it would be fine if I used two
> sample players and started the second sampler before the first one was
> finished (so as to overlap the tones a bit). However, in practice that
> not seem to work (i.e. the second sample does not want to start playing
> until the first one is finished).

That is quite odd. Is it possible they are getting queued to the same
player? Two sample players should work completely independantly.

> Some of my instruments have shorter sample
> lengths, in this case, the timing is OK.

Ahah! That is a major clue.
Call clear(time) before calling queueOn(time,sample).
That will stop the older sample that is playing and allow the new sample to
start immediately.

Phil Burk


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