[jsyn] Jsyn and Javasound using SampleWriter andstartEngine(NO_DEVICE, 44100)

jsyn at music.columbia.edu jsyn at music.columbia.edu
Tue Feb 15 09:22:21 EST 2005

Hello Paul,

>  Is this a bug OR am I doing something wrong OR is it not possible to get
Jsyn to act
> as a synthesis engine to coexist with Javasound?

I'm curious. Why?

It might be possible but I have not heard of it being done.

>        Synth.startEngine(Synth.NO_DEVICE,44100);

The doc was not clear. The Synth.NO_DEVICE value is for the start(..) method
that accepts deviceIDs.

Try: Synth.startEngine(Synth.FLAG_NON_REAL_TIME, 44100);

That will cause no audio device to be used. Synthesis will occur during
Synth.sleepUntilTick(), which will happen during:


as needed.

Thank you,
Phil Burk

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