[jsyn] beginner's osc quest

jsyn at music.columbia.edu jsyn at music.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 18 23:01:42 EST 2005

hello db+

Phase is not a continuous control input for the current oscillators. It can
only be set by calling set(). You cannot connect to a phase input.  More
discussion here:


Instead of doing phase modulation, you could do frequency modulation. It is
different but you can get similar effects. Perhaps because the derivative of
a sine wave is a cosine wave which is sonically equivalent.


> I'm just starting (class with Didkov) and I wanted to put oscillator
> phase as an input into a SynthNote. I see that it is a SynthVariable
> and not a SynthInput, but no matter what I do SoundTester doesn't like
> it. How is this input created with SynthVariable?

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