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Fri Nov 25 18:59:35 EST 2005

I'm putting in my enthusiastic vote for support of VST-hosting with Jsyn.
Harnessing the wealth of high-quality commercial VST plugins out there for
standard audio needs (including compressors, reverbs, etc.) would be a BIG
win I feel.
Making JSyn apps exportable in this way would also make the technology
super-powerful in terms of portability to other systems I think as well.

Definitely cool/*very* useful -


On 11/25/05 4:40 PM, "jsyn at music.columbia.edu" <jsyn at music.columbia.edu>

> Hi Brad,
>> 1. not-so-hard:  add a good reverb UG, like Freeverb (source is out
>> there for the taking!).
> OK, it's on the list.
>> 2. hard:  set up the libJSyn*.jnilib somehow so it can accommodate
>> dynamic loading of new objects,
> I am thinking of making JSyn act as either a VST plugin, and/or a VST host. Is
> there something hipper than VST these days?
> Phil Burk
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