[jsyn] new JSyn V14.4.6 posted

jsyn at music.columbia.edu jsyn at music.columbia.edu
Wed Feb 15 06:33:36 EST 2012

Thanks a lot Phil!
My piece is up and running and sounding as it should now, free of native 
plug-in stuff. So nice!
See http://www.punosmusic.com/pages/sabbathbride/sabbathbride.html
Nick D

On 2/14/2012 9:07 PM, jsyn at music.columbia.edu wrote:
> I have just posted a new version of JSyn here:
> <http://www.softsynth.com/jsyn/developers/download.php>
> It has fixes for a couple bugs reported this weekend, and a fix for an
> old bug that Nick reported.
> Release Notes
> - Fixed loadFloatSample. It mangled the data when loading stereo samples.
> - Changed the function port of FunctionOscillator from protected to public.
> - Fixed race condition that could occur when circuits were nested. It
> would cause code to get executed multiple times resulting in distortion.
> Enjoy,
> Phil Burk
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