[linux-audio-dev] /dev/dsp0 --> /dev/dsp0L and /dev/dsp0R

Fernando Ramirez framirez99 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 3 12:54:34 EST 2003

Hi. I need to know if there exists or if someone have coded a device driver 
that may split one stereo source input (/dev/dsp0)  to two pseudo devices 
(something like /dev/dsp0L for left channel and /dev/dsp0R for right 

I need this to split a 2 channel real time signal to two different 
applications than only accept a /dev/dsp? for input.

I can do it if I install 2 soundcards on my machine and feed each separated 
mono source to each card but I feel that I am waisting one card.

Any help pointing to a page with instructions in how to program a device 
(/dev/?) may help.


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