[linux-audio-dev] deconvolver for IR creation anyone?

Uwe Koloska lad at koloro.de
Fri Dec 12 18:28:18 EST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2003 22:24 schrieb Uwe Koloska:
> Maybe I am too dumb, but I can't make it work ...

At least for the convolution, I have managed to make it work.

The problem was with the attenuation.  The values from Denis were not suited 
for my setup.  For the impulses I have around, the IR attenuation must be 
24 to 32.

The deconvolution works, too.  But I don't understand it completely.  The IR 
seems to start at the end of the file.  Especially with the direct 
deconvolution of the original IR, the pulse is at the end of the 
convolution result ..

I must study the AES paper a bit deeper ;-)


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