[linux-audio-dev] deconvolver for IR creation anyone?

Uwe Koloska koloska at voiceinterconnect.de
Mon Dec 15 11:40:52 EST 2003

Hello Denis,

just to get it right:

Denis Sbragion wrote:
> it must be near the end of the file, because of the way it
> works.

This is because of the delay of the filter line, isn't it?

> Furthermore if you use BruteFIR to perform the deconvolution
> you should consider that BruteFIR truncates the output to
> make it the same lenght of the input, where the full
> convolution of a signal of length N with a filter of length M
> would yeld a signal of length N+M-1. To avoid this truncation
> simply add some seconds of silence to the recorded signal 
> before performing the convolution (the scripts I sent you
> already did it).

So to get the IR right, I have to cut the beginning of the 
bruteFIR result by the length of the filter (if the input starts 
at the time the signal has started).  Right?

How do you revise your IRs?  Manually?

What is the reason for bruteFIR to keep this delay in the result?


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