[linux-audio-dev] ac3jack - realtime AC3 stream encoder for JACK

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Dec 31 14:26:44 EST 2003

Jesse Chappell wrote on Tue, 30-Dec-2003:

 > I haven't done much realtime testing of the streaming yet, so
 > I'm sure some software updates might be in order once I get some
 > feedback from people (and myself).
Well, having done some testing last night, I can say that it really
doesn't work smoothly at all yet!  There are some buffering
issues I need to work out to assure that the 'ac3dec -C' has all
the data it needs to keep the stream undisturbed to the SPDIF.
Alternatively, some work might need to be done to get the writing
to the SPDIF done within JACK itself.....

Just a warning to anyone trying the example given on the ac3jack


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