[linux-audio-dev] Using Jack for "Control Volt" signals?

iainduncan at telus.net iainduncan at telus.net
Sat Nov 8 22:36:23 EST 2003

Sorry if this is the wrong place, please tell me where to ask if it is. I'm 
wondering whether it will be possible, ( or if anyone is doing something 
similar ) to use Jack to pass control signals between audio apps. I think it 
would be extremely useful to be able to send the equivalent of PD wires or 
Csound krate variables back and forth between different apps as if the were 
Control Voltages, allowing the functionality of outboard CV modulars with 
tools from more than one family. I am also interested in the possibility of 
extending the same to outboard hardware, ie having control signals generated 
and transformed between apps and then sent out as actual CV signals to 
outboard modular components. I've been working on a real time step sequencer 
in Csound that allows sophisticated real time sequencing of control signals in 
the fashion of step sequencers and would like to know how I can perhaps 
integrate my work with others. I am really just a Csound programmer, and not a 
C developer ( yet ) so please excuse me if this is noise on the list. ; )

Also, does or will Jack allow signals to be lower bit depth or sample rate 
when full audio resolutions is not necessary, or will it always be full audio? 
I'm just thinking that maybe it would be good to be able to pass control 
signals with less bandwith, but of course that would introduce other 
complications. Is there any limit to the number of ins and outs Jackable? I 
guess to make modular synthesis between various apps one would start using a 
*LOT* of them. 

Iain Duncan

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