[linux-audio-dev] Using Jack for "Control Volt" signals?

Thomas Webb magusofthedark at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 8 23:30:13 EST 2003

> I'm 
> wondering whether it will be possible, ( or if
> anyone is doing something 
> similar ) to use Jack to pass control signals
> between audio apps. I think it 
> would be extremely useful to be able to send the
> equivalent of PD wires or 
> Csound krate variables back and forth between
> different apps as if the were 
> Control Voltages, allowing the functionality of
> outboard CV modulars with 
> tools from more than one family. I am also

in JACK, everything is a float between -1.0 and 1.0.
So you can't just have arbitrary datatypes. Here's the
way I abstract control voltages with JACK (This is
based on the voltage levels I am familiar with in
modular synths, a la synthesizers.com):

-1.0 -> -5.0v
0.0 -> 0.0v
1.0 -> 5.0v

-1.0 -> 0.0v
0.0 -> 5.0v
1.0 -> 10v

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