[linux-audio-dev] Linux VERSUS OSS ???

Frank Barknecht linux-audio-dev@music.columbia.edu
Sat Oct 11 07:30:01 EDT 2003

Thomas Webb hat gesagt: // Thomas Webb wrote:

> I phrased that poorly. Say someone has ALSA and
> doesn't have OSS compatibility. Would an app written
> in portaudio work on their sys? If it doesn't, then
> that's what I meant by that it doesn't abstract to
> ALSA. If it does, then What I said was wrong, my bad.

ALSA, OSS, JACK or CoreAudio are treated as backends in PortAudio. You
can choose which backend to use. I *think* you can even decide at
runtime which PaHostApi to use, but this is unchecked and I'm no
Portaudio expert at all.

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