[linux-audio-dev] some more GMPI thoughts

" horsh " horsh at mail.ru
Tue Oct 21 10:43:14 EDT 2003

1)is API monolithous or there are sub-APIs
like GMPI-audio, GMPI-seq, GMPI-control

2) Explicit versioning for API?

3) Explicit versioning for plugins?

4) uniq IDs for plugins?
   who is authority?

5) format for plugin state saving:
    XML? (damn its ugly!)
   I vote for more YAML-like language.

6) Should the GMPI discussion produce
    reference plugin implementation
    reference host implementation
    reference tools implementation

7) Can there be off-line non real-time plugins?

8) Should the specification produce 
   any requirement for more documents?
For example:
A documant describing standard set of plugins
   (like in General Midi) so one could expect
    the first 64 plugins to be so and so.


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