[linux-audio-dev] Re: Behringer

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sat Dec 4 10:18:05 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 19:58, Dave Robillard wrote:

> Your initial reply to me, which was not about the issue at hand
> whatsoever - you called me obnoxious and insulting.  That counts as a
> personal attack in my books, and immediately forced the discussion in a
> useless direction.  Point is you made comments about me personally, not
> my statements (always the sign of someone with no argument to stand on,
> BTW)
    I didn't call you obnoxious.  I asked you to stop being obnoxious. 
A fine difference I admit but a difference anyway.  You *did* insult a
number of people by calling their ideas ignorant so, in my book, you
started the personal attacks.  Yours were just blanket personal
attacks.  I asked you to stop.

    Now, on to more important things.  I agree with almost everything
else you've said in this post and I think it's the right direction to go
in.  The one thing I disagree with is that we *all* care about personal
freedom.  It's just that some of us are a bit more pragmatic about it. 
We do have to live in the real world after all.

> Anyway, I'm not going to continue this completely pointless avenue of
> conversation anymore.
> To everyone:  how about we end this stupid argument and turn this thread
> into something good.  Yes, some of us care about freedom, and yes, some
> of us don't give a **** about freedom.  However, we can all agree that
> (from the user perspective) open drivers are vastly superior for us, as
> Linux audio users (and to consumers in general).  Can't argue about
> fact. :)
> Why don't we find out the best way we can attempt to convince RME open
> is the way to go, and have as many of us as possible contribute?
> Options I can think of:
> - Mass letter campaign, with a template letter.  Good, because it's
> easy, also good because it gives the impression of many individual
> customers being dissatisfied.  This letter could be a "please open your
> driver" letter, or an "I'm not buying any of your products ever (again)"
> letter, or some combination of both.  Either way, the point that a
> closed driver is a much less desirable (though not inacceptable, at
> least to some of us) must be made (some companies just don't "get it").
> It's probably better to ask for specs.. we really have no right to be
> demanding RME do more work.

    This is probably the best option.  I think you could also point out
that the Linux community as a whole is interested in finding a vendor
that they can trust and work with.  A vendor that works with us on an
open basis would probably engender a hell of a lot of customer loyalty
(along the lines of Mac users ;-)  The only negative is that it's hard
to fight inertia.  Getting enough people to do this could be tricky.

> - Petition.  Probably not the right attitude we want to project, and
> less impact than many individual letters anyway.
    Agreed.  The only good point is that it's much easier to get people
to sign an online petition than sending individual letters.

> - Forum posting.  Apparently there's an RME forum?  Never seen it
> personally.  Possibly better than email letters because it's viewable by
> the public and they can't just ignore all of us.  Plus a productive
> conversation might result.
    As long as we keep it respectable.


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