[linux-audio-dev] Patents on some Linux OS code

Pedro Lozano pl2 at ono.com
Wed Dec 8 14:53:42 EST 2004

I didnt say they were right, I said that they think they are right.

They think that if there is no "producer" backing the product then they can 
attack the user as the guilty of the patent infraction, and I think that we 
will see more threats and trials because of that. This is something that is 
happening, not only my thoughs.

Maybe they will lost all the cases, but if a company see the posibility of 
been sued by MS only because of using Linux then they will think about it 

An example 
of what they think.This is something Linux cannot offer unless you buy it 
from Red Hat, Suse, IBM or companies that offer a similar service.

The ugliest thing is that MS is probably the company that more software 
ideas has copied from others (anyone remember Stac or Netscape?) and now the 
are using patents as a weapon against the open software that is getting some 
of their market share.


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