[linux-audio-dev] Request/Offer: Debian package for Scala

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Sun Dec 19 16:59:26 EST 2004

On Sunday 19 December 2004 11:00 am, Dave Robillard wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-18-12 at 16:44 -0500, John Check wrote:
> > > The source doesn't matter to YOU.
> >
> > Source of the apps, not source code. All of the good things about free
> > software are not constants that apply in every case or context.
> Yes they are.  Most people may not care in many cases, or other
> interests may trump freedom, but that's irrelevant.


> > It's the fact's Jack, for most people source code is worth bupkis. Just
> > because we happen to not be most people does not invalidate that.
> I really couldn't care less.

Selfish. Mind you, I'm selfish too, as are we all, so you don't care, I don't 
care. Sweet! Let's all have a cup of STFU over it then.

> > Linux as an audio platform is about the _runtime_. Linux audio
> > _development_ is about the source code. Not everybody can or is willing
> > to do both; it's a barrier to adoption. I don't apologize for trying to
> > reap some reward from helping others over the barriers.
> >
> > > Not everyone's standards/opinions are the same as yours.
> >
> > That's a fair statement, but you telling me what my opinion is and what
> > matters to me is not having the effect you intended.
> Um, no.  You are attempting to tell me (and others) what my
> opinion/cause is, not the other way around.  Can you read?

That didn't work the first time. I'm not telling you guys what you think. I'm 
telling you what I think. 
When I bring up copyright, it's not even what I think, it's the law of the 
land. Not my law although I abide by it. The people with the army, their law. 

> I have zero interest in starting a childish little flame war over this,

Well if that's what you think it's about, why did you use caps when addressing 
me? In the future I would appreciate a style of emphasis not indicative of 
shouting please, or at least make it funny.

I almost got nasty about that when I was replying yesterday and used 
considerable restraint to remain civil. You and I have had off list 
discussions that were 80% misinterpretation driven so I cut you some slack.

> my point was made.  Your "cause" is not the same as everyone else's, get
> over it - It's the fact's(sic) Jack
> If you really don't get it:  my cause is a 100% free software music
> production system (and I don't really care what particular kernel that
> system runs on for the record).  Good, proprietary apps may be best for
> your cause, but it sure as hell isn't best for mine.

So, what are you calling your reimplementation of Scala then?

It doesn't matter to anybody but you (editorial sense) what your cause is. I'm 
not judging anybody, I acknowledge it takes all kinds.

I'll try not to sound too patronizing and I hate to do this on list but, my 
recollection is you're a 20 something  musician/grad student who's plans are 
X,Y and Z.  I don't question your commitment at this point in time, but 
y'know, look at human history. Do you expect to be where you are now in 10 
years? How do you propose to parlay your free software contributions into a 
living? It's a dilemma you'll need to deal with if that's the plan. If yer 
counting on hacking in your spare time... talk to the people who would be 
your peers.

I'm a 44 year old  musician/former audio engineer/computer bottom feeder with 
no day job and no formal education who's likely had more ups and downs than 
you've had hot meals and sees a great opportunity for someone with my 
particular skill set, thanks to the hard work of a lot of talented people. 

As far as platform gnosticism goes, I have no reason not to use linux. I know 
it well and it does what I want at a reasonable cost without pissing me off 
too much. Here, I'm selfish. What somebody else uses is of no concern to me 
unless I'm getting paid to support it.

 I think your apparent lack of concern for what kernel the apps run on 
combined with the insistence on telling me what's best for "my cause" is 
cute, like when a puppy runs headlong into a sliding door, so knock it off.

Search the list archive for my position paper. Read it. Notice that it 
acknowledges everybody has their own areas of expertise and that
I state in clear english, a strategy to generate a pool of development money 
that doesn't require any effort from the community. I also state that I do 
not code and intended to act as a filter between users and developers. Logic 
will tell you that is a good state of affairs for people who do code. I 
watched the thread regarding prototyping a PCI card with some interest as 
well. It's an ambitious goal and I'd rather work on bootstrapping that than 
cock around playing holier-than-thou on a list.  

We all make our contributions, whatever they may be. One has to be a 
pragmatist in life though. I'd rather see a task being done on Linux 
generating some mind share to feed the machine than tell a client "Linux 
can't do it because author A wrote his own license". 

> -DR-

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