[linux-audio-dev] Re: Request/Offer: Debian package for Scala

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Tue Dec 21 12:30:17 EST 2004

On Tuesday 21 December 2004 10:19 am, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Dave Phillips wrote:
> > FWIW, I have Scala's source code, provided upon request by Manuel Op
> > de Coul, Scala's author. I've been unable to build it, I think there's
> > some old GTK stuff in the code that's not working nicely with GTK
> > 1.2.10 (my default GTK), and I'm no GTK coder. Perhaps someone here
> > with coding skills and a lot of extra time could do it ?
> Sorry, my bad: The current Scala binary fails with a libgnat error:
>     [dlphilp at localhost scala-22-pc-linux]$ ./scala
>     ./scala: relocation error: ./scala: undefined symbol: gnat__strings_E
> So it doesn't appear to be a GTK-related problem. I tried to rebuild
> Scala with a version of libgnat compiled with GCC 3.2.2, got no joy. I
> was unsuccessful building a new version of libgnat, it seems quite
> compiler-dependent. I'm open to suggestions...

Have you tried gcc 2.95? Lotta stuff that builds on that breaks on 3 series.

> Best,
> dp

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