[linux-audio-dev] Re: Software with source code?

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu Feb 5 01:00:19 EST 2004

>From: Joern Nettingsmeier <nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de>
>it is the author's decision, and everybody *has*to*respect*it*!
>don't preach freedom and deny others their freedom of choice. we've 
>had enough of this bigotry lately.

I understood the frustation comes from wasting time to load the
software and to find out it is only executable.

Here (was it jackit-dev) most announced software are open source,
so it would be a good idea to let people know that now something
different is announced. But in any case, a good announce makes no harm.


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