[linux-audio-dev] DRI + Jack conflict?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Feb 10 08:31:10 EST 2004


  Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with extraneous noise from 
my system. Some apps are worse than others, but it does seem that 
JACK-enabled apps fare the worst. Following this thread it occurred to 
me that perhaps my video driver is at fault. I have a gForce2 and am 
using nVidia's driver. I realize I could use the Linux kernel driver, 
but I'll lose the OpenGL acceleration I need for Pd.

  DRI is "off" in XF86Config, I've added the no-hlt instruction to my 
lilo.conf, and I added the pci_burst option to XF86Config (though the 
card is an AGP board). The worst offender right now is Csound, 
especially when I run Oeyvind Brandtsegg's ImproSculpt. The noise from 
the mouse movement is nasty, there are audible glitches when I switch 
workspaces (I'm using the Blackbox WM) or even switch tabs with the app, 
and occasionally the sound simply "derails". It's hard to describe what 
happens: the sound keeps playing, it's just "zippery" for a while, then 
it seems to come back to its senses and plays normally for a while 
before it zips again.

  I'm also one of those folks who can't get jackd to run in realtime 
mode, I get the same lock-down error others have reported here. So I'm 
wondering how I can best troubleshoot my system. The problem appears to 
be either JACK, the video driver, or maybe something to do with disk I/O 
(? it's an ext3 system). If anyone else out there is using a similar 
setup please let me know if you've done anything special to reduce 
digital noise.

  Machine is an 800 MHz AMD w. 512 MB RAM, system is Planet CCRMA RH 9. 
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I haven't had this 
kind of noise problem before now, I'd certainly like to get rid of it, 
and I'm willing to try about anything at this point (as long as it 
doesn't cost much ;).

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

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