[linux-audio-dev] DRI + Jack conflict?

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Tue Feb 10 12:22:17 EST 2004

Dave Phillips wrote:

>  So I'm 
> wondering how I can best troubleshoot my system. The problem appears to 
> be either JACK, the video driver, or maybe something to do with disk I/O 
> (? it's an ext3 system). If anyone else out there is using a similar 
> setup please let me know if you've done anything special to reduce 
> digital noise.
>  Machine is an 800 MHz AMD w. 512 MB RAM, system is Planet CCRMA RH 9. 

Maybe it's your sound card.  I know that my crap laptop sound card 
definitely responds to keyboard, mouse, and cpu activity.  Maybe though 
it's some kind of audio buffer problem.  What happens to audio if you 
don't run X?

Best way in theory to troubleshoot is to divide the problem in half by 
taking away half of the pieces, and iterate until you find it.  In 
practice it can be hard to determine where "half" is.  Try no X :)


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