[linux-audio-dev] Some music made with Linux

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Thu Feb 19 17:23:39 EST 2004

On Thursday 19 February 2004 21.54, Pete Bessman wrote:
> At Thu, 19 Feb 2004 19:42:05 +0100,
> David Olofson wrote:
> > Nice! Makes me wanna' play some violent first person shooter game
> > or something, for some reason... ;-)
> I seem to recall seeing you on the libsdl lists back in the day
> (read: last year).  If you're involved with a game that needs
> music, or know of one, this is track is up for grabs.

I've been hanging around the SDL years for a few years now, so it's 
quite likely you've seen me there. (I'm the guy with the parallax 
scrolling examples, glSDL and Kobo Deluxe - and the just released 
Fixed Rate Pig example game.)

Anyway, I'm not involved in any team efforts, and I'll probably be 
using Audiality (off-line + real time synthesis) for the music in my 
own games. (Kewl Technology Factor and very small downloads. :-)

That said, it might be an interesting excercise to remix your song 
using only or mostly script based sounds... (Modular synthesis, 
basically.) Dunno if there's much point it trying to synthesize the 
guitar riffs at this point, but I'll try all sorts of instruments 
eventually. There are a few synthesis operators and features I want 
to add first, though.

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