[linux-audio-dev] qsynth configure script fails on debian [qt]

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Jan 3 15:15:35 EST 2004

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki hat gesagt: // Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:

> Well ... no luck. The compile will start, but fails with a lot of errors
> -- see below ... I'm sending this to the alsamodular-devel list as well,
> but that list seems to be pretty much inactive (only 6 posts in past 5
> months). I've heard great things about this synth, but have thus far
> been unable to hear it for myself.
> Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote: 
> > When I get home I'll try this on my debian testing (sarge) audio box and
> > see how far I get. Thanks.
> > 
> > -Eric Rz. 
> /usr/share/qt3/doc/html/qlist.html is the only file on my system that
> comes up in a locate qlist ... it says:
> "QList Class Reference (obsolete) 
> #include <qlist.h> 
> The QList class has been renamed QPtrList in Qt 3.0. "

Hah, I stumbled over that on Debian, too, but I did find a solution.
You're missing some old headers that aren't anymore in recent QTs
unless you install a package that in D. unstable now is called

But IIRC it was named slightly else on older Debians, although very
similar. Maybe qt3-compat? I'm not sure right now.

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