[linux-audio-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Yatm 0.1.0

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Tue Jun 8 03:54:17 EDT 2004


It is small, dumb, and simple, but I just couldn't resist
letting you all know about my first Linux audio application
written in C (well, actually C++, but I had no choice!)

What is it?

Yatm is a small command-line mp3 player with tempo variation capabilities.
It uses libao for audio output, libmad to decode
MPEG audio, and libsoundtouch to do the tempo changing.

A sample usage case would be for listening to audiobooks
at a different tempo than originally recorded.  It could also
be used as a backend for DAISY Digital Talking Book format player
in the future (see http://www.daisy.org/).

The name Yatm stands for Yet Another Time Machine :-).

Where is it?


* Add support for seeking and timed playback (using the original
  time of the audio file, such that indexes into a file do not need
  to be translated according to current tempo)
* Add support for playing RIFF WAV files and OGG/Vorbis.
* Add a simple command-line interactive mode to be able to
  change tempo during playback without interrupting the program.
* Add the ability to define several indices at startup
  which will be reported to stdout when reached.
  This could be used to advance a reading cursor when presenting a DAISY
  book which does have detailed index information.

Since this is my first Linux Audio app, comments are
highly appreciated.

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