[linux-audio-dev] Knobs / widget design

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Wed Jun 9 19:18:57 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 17:56, Arnold Krille wrote:
> Still the question is: What toolkit to use for a 
> standard-LAD-Gui-elements-set? Or just define the graphics and the handling 
> and then let everyone implement it in his/her preferred toolkit? The last 
> would be my suggestion, and maybe I am volunteering to create on for Qt...
> Arnold

I think we've (perhaps?) finally figured out that we can't really have a
"standard-LAD-GUI-elements-set".  It will just turn into another
LADSPA-GUI war, nothing will get decided, and nothing will get done.

For example, you would like  to volunteer to create one for Qt.  Great! 
I hate Qt - even having the abomination installed on my machine is a
comprimise as far as I'm concerned (just to give you an idea of how some
people feel, I'm not trying to start a flamewar here).

Some people would want it in Gtk, the Qt people would refuse..
Some people would want it in C++, the C people would refuse..
Some people would want it in some scriptey thing like Python, the Real
Programmers would refuse..

etc. etc. etc.

I think at this point all we need is a mechanism for a host to say
"plugin, show your GUI now".  (Incidentally what DSSI does as far as I
know, which isn't very much yet).  No embedding, no standard widget set,
no crazy event loop stuff.  Let's (gasp!) actually do something that
will get done.  (Of course noone is stopping anyone from making an
audio-app-gui-widget library, far from it)

GMPI will come along eventually and make it all but a memory anyway,


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