[linux-audio-dev] Open firewire audio interface: A back-of-an-envelope prototype plan

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Fri Nov 26 14:39:18 EST 2004

Bob Knight wrote:
> smoerk wrote:
>> somehow a nice idea, i only see one problem:
>> firewire and usb audio devices are mainly used with laptops, whih 
>> normaly have only one ethernet port. if you have a desktop, you could 
>> also use a pci audio card.
> A multi port wire speed switch would probably set you back about $20.
> In a remote recording environment, you probably would not be doing
> anything else on the lan.  The pc is going to be hella busy dumping
> frames onto disks.

i see your point, a MaGIC-like system would be very nice, if you need 
more than a few meters cable between A/D D/A converters and the computer.

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