[linux-audio-dev] Tastes like chicken!

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Nov 28 13:40:34 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 06:52, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hey John:
>   I'll chime in with some kudos for the tune, but I agree with your own 
> assessment re: the vocal, it does need to come forward. No point in 
> singing words if they can't be heard or understood, yes ?
>   Vocals are often a problem for people who don't particularly think of 
> themselves as "good" singers (whatever that means: is Bob Dylan a "good" 
> singer ?), and there's a resulting tendency to put the vocals too far 
> back in the mix. The thought is often to truly "mix" the vocals in with 
> the instruments, but I suggest taking it the other way on, i.e., mixing 
> the instruments against the voice. The song is the thing, its melody and 
> lyrics must be clearly heard (or at least clearly sensed: I can't 
> usually understand the lyrics to Mudvayne but at least their man is out 
> front). One of my favorite local musicians made a wonderful album years 
> ago, but the one mistake he made on it was to mix his voice too deeply 
> into the instrumental sounds. He told me he wished he hadn't done so, 
> and that his decision was based on his poor opinion of his own singing. 
> Sometimes it's best to get another opinion, I guess that's part of the 
> function of a good producer.

	Absolutely.  It took me forever to get used to listening to myself
sing.  You've got to bring the vocals out front.  Bob Dylan is a perfect
example ;-)


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